Scheme Video

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP)

Scheme tutorials

Advanced usage and implementation

Continuations: The Swiss Army Knife of Flow Control

Lecture by Jonathan Bartlett


Macro-writer's Bill of Rights

Lecture by Kent Dybvig (principal author of Chez Scheme) on Scheme macro systems.

The 90 minute Scheme to C compiler

Lecture by Marc Feeley (principal author of Gambit Scheme) on how to build a compiler (2007).


Gambit Scheme 30th anniversary workshop (2019). YouTube playlist

  1. History: YouTube
  2. Forensics: YouTube
  3. GVM: YouTube
  4. Universal backend: YouTube
  5. Gamboling with Gambit: YouTube
  6. Native backend: YouTube
  7. Bare-metal: YouTube
  8. Geiser: YouTube
  9. Modules: YouTube
  10. Gerbil: YouTube
  11. Yownu: YouTube
  12. Together: YouTube
  13. Compiler: YouTube

BALISP (the Bay Area Lisp and Scheme Users Group)

This is a YouTube playlist of talks given at BALISP meetings.

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