Scheme Video

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP)

Scheme tutorials

Advanced usage and implementation

Continuations: The Swiss Army Knife of Flow Control

Lecture by Jonathan Bartlett


The 90 minute Scheme to C compiler

Lecture by Marc Feeley (principal author of Gambit Scheme) on how to build a compiler (2007).


Lectures presented at Dan Friedman's 60th birthday conference (2004). YouTube playlist

  1. Welcome (Andrew Hanson)
  2. Relating Models of Backtracking (Mitchell Wand)
  3. Bottom-up Relational Programming (Lynn Winebarger)
  4. Debugging Backwards in Time (Bil Lewis)
  5. Monadic Encapsulation of State (Steve Ganz)
  6. Macro-Writer's Bill of Rights (Kent Dybvig)
  7. Intro to Guy Steele's keynote address (David Wise)
  8. Dan Friedman--Cool Ideas (Guy Steele)
  9. Anatomy of a Loop (Olin Shivers)
  10. Obfuscating Transformations (Kevin Millikin)
  11. Poetry in Programs (Robert E. Filman)
  12. DNA Analysis (Rhys Price Jones)
  13. Normal-order Syntax-Rules (Oleg Kiselyov)
  14. On Designing a DSL (Julia Lawall)
  15. Aspect verification using model checking (Kathi Fisler)
  16. Categorical Semantics (Jonathan Sobel)
  17. Contracts as Projections (Felleisen & Findler)
  18. Verification of web programs (Shriram Krishnamurthi)
  19. Aspect-oriented programming in the real world (Anurag Mendhekar)
  20. The Role of Programming (Gerald Jay Sussman)
  21. Introductory Cognitive Science (Jim Marshall)


Gambit Scheme 30th anniversary workshop (2019). YouTube playlist

  1. History: YouTube
  2. Forensics: YouTube
  3. GVM: YouTube
  4. Universal backend: YouTube
  5. Gamboling with Gambit: YouTube
  6. Native backend: YouTube
  7. Bare-metal: YouTube
  8. Geiser: YouTube
  9. Modules: YouTube
  10. Gerbil: YouTube
  11. Yownu: YouTube
  12. Together: YouTube
  13. Compiler: YouTube

BALISP (the Bay Area Lisp and Scheme Users Group)

This is a YouTube playlist of talks given at BALISP meetings.

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